You ready? I am! we’re going to Dubai, baby! It’s happening right now pack all of our stuff And it’s time to say goodbye to mama rug and Bosley we’re gonna be gone for four days But these next four days are gonna be the greatest days of our lives are those to miss my video yesterday I surprised my dad with a plane ticket to Dubai and Dubai is his dream place I got invited out for an event buy money kick so shout out to money kicks I’m gonna be hanging out with a bunch of youtubers. They’re meeting a bunch of my fans in Dubai and you’re gonna explain all this stuff an d, you’re gonna be like wow it’s like all luxury there you guys don’t know what Dubai is.

I cannot wait right now we’re leaving we’re going to LAX we have a flight to catch and ah ehe That flight is 16 hours Don’ t remind me. That hasn’t left my mind since I found out how long the flight was but um it’s all good Hopefully doesn’t go by fast. I heard the plane seats are really cool. So of course I’m gonna be vlogging that for you guys and when we get to Dubai We’re probably gonna be like extremely jet-lagged and we’re gonna go check into our hotel And this is gonna be an experience of a lifetime I hope you guys do enjoy this video if you guys are new to my youtube channel on faze rug.

Papa! This is my dad papa rug my mom flip the camera on you, Mama rug. And this is my youtube channel I upload videos every single day We’re about to go to Dubai so be sure to hit that subscribe button turn post notifications on to not miss a Faze Rug upload And please sit back relax, and enjoy the vlog. Mom how you feeling? You know like I said, I’m happy and sad at the same time don’t make me do that again. Don’t make me cry I’m very happy They’re going to plays that Brian’s gonna experience for the first time and Papa rug for the first time and I can’t oh Awe! Well Bravo so excited so thanks to Brian I’m gonna cry man. Thanks for making this happen Yeah, but sad that I’m gonna be home alone the only reason I stay because of Bosley otherwise Brian asked me to go Yeah, I wanted my mom to come as well, but no one’s here to watch Bosley But there’s more opportunities where palpably you can go back to Dubai after this trip because I’m gonna love it so much I’m just really excited dad.

We have a flight to catch. Let’s get out of here So we’ll see you in half an hour. Hey Bosley I’m gonna miss you. I’m gonna miss you buddy Hey give me a kiss. ok I’ll give you a kiss okay. I’ll see you soon be good mom. Love you. Love you so much I’ll call you text you FaceTime. You show you yeah, everything and let you know how it is we’ll be safe be saying that you be safe too.

Let’s get the show on the road no really like we have to drive to LAX so we have to go on the road with The papa rug license plate papa rug engraved onto the car, and you need a car wash sir We made it to LAX baby. How was the drive? Not bad couple hours. Guys I forgot to mention my dad has one fear what is that fear dad? Ehh… Don’t talk about What is it what’s that fear? Ehh… ahh. Airplanes my dad is scared of airplanes, and we’re about to go on a 16-hour flight to Dubai Ah! I was trying to give him some tips on the way here, but I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of scared of airplanes, too We finally made it to LAX we have about an hour and a half till our flight takes off And I just can’t stop thinking about how fun Dubai is gonna be and how lit the vlogs are gonna be So guys, I hope you’re really excited for this smash that like button if you’re hyped for the Dubai vlogs And we’ll catch you on the flight We got our boarding passes baby now we’re waiting up the security check-in.

I’ve never seen a line this long before look at this But Can’t we’re gonna get through security checkpoint, and then I’ll pick up the vlog I’m in business class my dad’s economy since his was like a last minute book and he’s in the sixth He’s in the 63rd row I’m in the seventeenth row so were on the same plan right? Yeah We’re still the same plane But I’m gonna try to vlog as much as I can in the airplane because this is gonna be an experience of a lifetime So I’m taking you guys with me.

I hope you guys do enjoy. Thank you. Thank you me and my dad split up Just scared. guys. I have to go upstairs to get into my flight. This flight is literally like three or four stories I think I don’t even know next stop, Dubai Hi there! welcome aboard! Hi! Thank you right here Right here all right. Thank you This is my seat look at the leg room Got my bag right here seat recliners water, sodas, drinks Ahh! USB to charge my phone! Headphone jacks, you just got a gift bag. What? that’s so crazy! Thank you. Umm? No. Thank you Okay, thank you so much.

Just so crazy Not again. Not again. (x2) Help me. Oh no That’s trippy guys I’m about to go explore the plane because I heard there’s like a lounge that we could go to and there’s like a bar of Course I want to take you guys along with me, but I’ve never been on a flight like this in my whole entire life So this is awesome. I have no idea where we are, but there’s snow So we’re definitely far from, California, and I’m in this lounge area right now. It’s crazy. How many things They have to keep you entertained here for a 16-hour flight I thought it would be just like a regular seat, but there’s everything on this fly And they said I’m allowed to go visit my dad.

He’s downstairs in the economy section I wish we could have gone with a seat next to me But it was last minute i’ma go visit my dad when I’m allowed to they’re serving dinner right now so about now oh now I know where we are We’re in Utah. I think I think we’re yeah. We’re in Utah. That’s pretty dope 14 hours and 11 minutes left Oh, yeah Excited guys the plane is very shaky right now look Just to show you how shaky it is. I think we’re going through turbulence But we just got our appetizers I got salad soup and bread and look it comes with these little salt and pepper and then butter we got 13 hours left Man it already feels like it’s been 10, but it’s only been three.

I hope you guys are enjoying the vlog so far I wish you guys were here with me like to experience this! but I hope you watching my video kind of gives you the Experience because you know that’s my goal with this YouTube channel is for you guys to pretend like you’re in my shoes or like be With me as a friend, so I’m glad I get to share this experience with you all Eating good Okay guys, I just finished eating and I’m gonna go to the first floor and visit my dad.

I’m good. I’m good to go Woo, we’re in the economy section right now the ceilings like a Rolls Royce Hey, that’s dope What’s up dad what are you doing? I’m bored up there alright. Yeah What’s up! What are you doing watching a movie and drinking of course you know why this is actual wine No way, no one’s sitting there or here. I’ll chill with you for a little bit. It’s like the rolls-royce yeah, so there is some luxury in the economy class I Asked them because no one’s sitting next to me either And I asked them I said can I bring my dad up and they said no he has to like buy the ticket I’m like come on.

No one was sitting next to me You can literally put your seat all the way back like a bed like literally all the way Yeah, wait dad. We literally have like 12 more ow we literally have 12 hours left. What are we doing dad? I’m gonna do blindfolded eating challenge We’re just enjoying our time here had to come visit My dad once you already know, but I still can’t get over this part. This is literally the Rolls Royce I’ve logged so much in the plane. I want to just get to Dubai Guys we’re gonna fast forward 12 hours later. Oh my god. I wish I could just do that in real life live guys Yeah, I’m probably gonna take a nap or fully sleep guys Guys.

I got some Mac and cheese baby! After 16 hours guys we’re about to land. I never thought this time would come I swear That’s us dad. Yeah. You ready. Yeah. Let’s go. What a harsh flight That was that was definitely pretty harsh, but we finally made it to Dubai I don’t know what we’re doing right now like I had no idea. We’re gonna have our names on these little iPads Sorry guys. We just got all of our bags from the baggage claim, and we got special somebody waiting for us outside Oh, you got your louis bag Who wore it better my dad with the louie, which is my brothers so Brandon’s watching this video or my Gucci bag? But we got someone waiting for us outside dad. Yeah, we’re about to live our Dubai experience right now.

We just landed oh I’m excited the airport looks like this. This is the nicest airport. I’ve been to We will leave it at the airport goodbye, it’s crazy no way Yeah, are you kidding me man, but boy money good? How you doing good? To see you tomorrow, man, yeah, I’m excited I’m so excited for that this is your with Guys that’s crazy he got VIP parking and everything We got special treatment, baby. We’re gonna drive in the rolls It’s just the rate the rate nice nice Wow No, this is my next car for sure bro does it have the stars in the ceiling it does.

Oh my god This is my dream car right here. Thank you nice to meet you guys. Thank you see tomorrow. Oh my god cars in the ceiling First impressions of Guys I didn’t get to ride in this, but what the hell this is so dope Put with the curtains and everything you like it. Thanks, bro, man man’s got Hollywood Okay, guys where we’re at right Now is the city walk and that is where the ka1 clothing event is going down tomorrow at 4 to 6, right? From 4 p.m.. To 6 p.m.. If you want to meet me I want to meet my Dubai fans, and of course money kicks my boy. It’s about to be lit This is where it’s gonna be city wok in Dubai ok guys We just pulled up to our hotel and just take a look at the outside I’ve never seen a hotel like this, and I think that’s downtown I’m slowly getting the hang of Dubai, but this is an insane view dad. How are you feeling? Heaven is this what you expected Dubai to be or is it better than what you thought? Just like that yeah and better, I mean, there’s a freaking Lamborghini Just casually chillin in the back in front of this beautiful hotel We’re about to check in right now And I’m excited to show you guys the room cuz I have no idea what it looks like and I really want you guys also Comment down below if you guys are enjoying the new five vlogs or what your actual opinion is on them because I really want to Know and I’m gonna be reading a bunch of comment, so this is supposedly a new building.

Oh, oh okay look at how tall Look at all the doors No way To check it over there, okay, I’ve never seen a hotel lobby like this. That’s insane okay Alright, okay Okay, okay Alright, alright guys. Everyone’s telling me that I look 12 with my hair cuz like I don’t do it But like I agree with you. I looked well What is this? Wait what is this oh, I’ve got a fridge Then we got the room dope let’s check out the view whoo Okay, we got our little balcony. No way that is doe Look at our view that this is crazy whoo all right guys We’re about to go eat at this restaurant called salt bae and look we ran into my boy mo vlogs Everybody was telling me to collab with Mo when I get to Dubai and here We’re finally met ups you got to show me around Dubai But it’s gonna be the craziest time ever I know the right people Yoshi’s in me like it’s Gucci so which one’s your car is it I said so that one’s mine the Parag Just look at this view so you got is this downtown dubai Stop I actually don’t run no hold on no, I can’t do that because I don’t know the streets of do Baja No, I’m at Nana Drive.

Um she’s like the worst driver No way, maybe if you like gain my trust like before I leave Dubai. I can maybe test this out I don’t know that’s such a nice whip bro Are you serious okay? If you came down to San Diego? I wouldn’t let you drove my lambo too for sure I would let you drive it So this is Russia’s favorite restaurant into the salt Bay restaurant bit soggy, Clinton, okay, okay? I see this on your snapchat all the time guys.

I hope you’re living the Dubai experience women That’s the whole point of me blogging the trip. Hey guys can feel like you’re here with me I Know they can’t eat it, but like they’re still here Dad you enjoying your food over there. Oh Okay Whoa how you doing over there yeah, I’ll be the judge of that Guys they’re cooking the meat right now this looks amazing guys I said I want to make you feel like you’re living the Dubai experience. I’m so sorry you can’t eat the food with me Yeah, that’s try Okay, I really wish you guys could tasteless don’t make them, too jealous, but how good is This is a great Oh We out here with some Dubai fans say what’s up? Show your love. Hey, are you guys coming out to the event tomorrow? That’s what I like to hear. I’ll see you guys tomorrow Okay, shout out to Dubai, baby like this is a dream come true And I’m so glad I got to bring my dad along but guys.

I think I’m gonna end the video there I’m telling you guys. I think I’m gonna be vlogging like every second of this trip, so please be sure you’re subscribed Please be sure you have post notifications on you already know and like I just can’t get over this view I hope you guys enjoyed the first Dubai vlog this was like a half dubia blog because half of it was in the flight half Of it was my first experience in Dubai and we got so much planned for this weekend, man. I am so high It’s not should I like button remember comment down below if you guys are excited for the Dubai blog Or if you enjoyed this one, but you guys want to know something crazy so right now. It’s p.m.

In Dubai, and if you’re watching this on the west coast that means it’s 10 o’clock a.m. We’re 12 hours in the future here So I can let you guys know on what happens around the world cuz like we’re in the future Hope you guys have a great mystery date other than that it’s been rug Dubai and we’re out PEACE!.

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