Dream World | Team Farang | Freerunning


A free man is one who wakes up and returns to bed and in between he does what he wants to do Only, I want to enjoy every moment. I think we see the city really different and we discover different because … I see normal people walking around the city and is only something walking with his head down or moving listlessly … They are not really interested in what surrounds them. And as we walk … We walked looking around, and jumping around … When we landed in London, my plan and Anan was like … “Yes, this is London” … Because it was raining and everything was wet and it was like Ok …

Welcome! You think in training and when the sun is out say You think in training and when the sun is out say “Yes! I have to go outside, train the most” And then, you see all wet “Oh fuck” And finally .. I was lucky. I just want to go out there and do my best and have fun, that is to say that’s why we do it, because it’s fun, so .. Be willing to express myself and … you know, meet the best athletes from around the world This really complicated because everyone was into its own in its route because it is a very big tour, There really are many things in a crowded place, and it was like … Ok, where should I start, it should be thinking first. I was really scared, not thought out and give their best. It’s like breakdancer … Like putting a breakdancer in a room and say, you go! It will not work, but if you put a crew and say go … Works! You know, there are things that are totally within my limits, that I have afraid to do. But you know, despite fears letting the body do what it can do.

And just … I just think it’s so free to be able to do that. Girlfriend or Parkour? You have to let go now? Right. PARKOUR 25 Free Runners are not competing against each other. are 25 separate talents, every man for his journey all the time. And we judge these tours. You’re happy when you get to the competition because you see all the people, and then when it gets serious and every time you start getting more and more scared and nervous … Your heart starts beating and think … Fuck, I have to go out there, all the people will be watching me and hope to do a good tour, basically to entertain them. And you’re like “Oh no”. The thing is you know all these amazing people under the same training and the same competition and travel. But usually when … When you make a friend. Are every day, and do things week after week, but we can not have that, because I have to travel as 10 hours to see one or two of them. So this is a dream world, where we can be friends and train together all day. And that’s what we want, to be week after week, day after day, year after year just to be together and train, work on our Free Running.

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