How To Make Money With Clickbank In 2017 – Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners 2017


How To Make Money With Clickbank In 2017 – Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners 2017

Hey guys what’s up Aaron Chen here hope you’re doing well now if you’re watching this video right now then you’re doing a little bit of research probably on YouTube you’re looking for how to make money with Clickbank in 2017 okay so this is actually a Clickbank tutorial for beginners 2017 and if you’re here maybe you know you know what Clickbank is but you have no idea how to actually leverage it I’m going to show you exactly how to do that right now okay so easiest thing to get started first of all as you go to clickbank so you can see the screen right now it’s just Clickbank com right and the cool thing about Clickbank is that if you click on affiliate marketplace it is the biggest affiliate marketplace on the internet okay now if you have a look here

I mean they literally have you know categories of affiliate products on every single niche market that you can think of so whether it’s you know arts and entertainment betting systems cooking food and wine education you know e business and marketing this is the space that I like to play in is actually you know the make money space the affiliate product ebusiness space right you can make money on products like fiction and games you can sell you know health and fitness products so if you want to get a six-pack or you want to market a product that teaches you know guys or girls how to get six-pack abs and you can you know find a product here right the cool thing that you need to know is is that there are three major industries that will always make money for the long term okay that’s a dating so love and dating health and wellness and the wealth industry so these three if you pick any one of these three you’re golden okay so the first thing that you need to do is really you need to create an account okay so what I would do is I would go to the let me see actually don’t worry about creating account right now you can do that a little bit later alright all you want to do is I’m going to go to e business and E marketing because this is the space that that I like to play in so I just kind of show you how it works so

I click inside here and basically you can see that there’s a ton of different products that you can potentially market to your potential customers right so I’m just going to go through a few of these and you can see that this one is um it takes surveys for cash it’s probably a survey program where you teach people how to make money by taking surveys right it’s not the greatest product okay you can see the price here it’s an average of 29 dollars per sale so if you were to sell this the average price you would make is $29 and I’m not sure if you can see this maybe I can zoom in for you you go right you can see that an initial sale if you make a sale this product is twenty nine eighty nine the average sale percentage is seventy five percent that means out of the hundred percent of the price you get to keep seventy five percent which is really high actually as an affiliate you know most products will pay you 75 percent maybe 50 percent sometimes thirty percent so 75 percent is really high okay now the gravity score is basically well the closer to a hundred or above 100 the gravity score is the better the products actually selling okay it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good product it just means that it’s selling very very well so it’s probably safer to sell a product that has a high gravity then the product that has a low gravity but that’s not always the case okay what

I would recommend is anytime that you’re trying to pick an affiliate offer on Clickbank to market you want to make sure that you buy the product and see the products good because what’s the point of selling crappy products right if you’re just selling crappy products all the time then you know people aren’t going to you know I mean yes you can sell a product initially but once on my buys the product then they realize that it’s not very good then you’re not going to have a very good reputation online okay so you want to be known as someone who sells good quality products that’s why I recommend that you do some research or if you want to buy the product cuz most of these products are pretty cheap anyway okay so let’s see here um so I’m just going to keep going I’m going to find something that I actually know so I can talk a little bit about it but this is this is a good one okay so affilorama I’m not marketing a filler Rama right now but it’s actually an affiliate marketing training portal that actually teaches people that have no experience in affiliate marketing on how to market affiliate product so it’s like a training program right and so initial sales 50 bucks they pay 50 percent commissions okay so again the view of marketing on Clickbank is you don’t have to create any of the products yourself you just have to understand how to market the products and when you sell the product and someone buys it you make a commission okay now the average rebuild total is seven hundred and seventy five dollars that’s really good okay now the reason for that is because a fellow Arama probably has some upsells all the way through okay so the entry-level is probably initial sales fifty bucks but once somebody pays $50 for it takes them through a specific process and you know in the backend it probably up sells them into maybe a five hundred dollar product or seven hundred dollar product and that’s how you get a rebill of seven hundred and seventy-five that’s really really high okay

now if you’re getting you want to have rebuilt because you want to have monthly Commission’s coming in so I would pick a product that has a you know any type of rebuild on it okay now if you wanted to have a look at the the training program you could just click into it and you can actually see what it looks like so this is basically the affiliate Rama website okay it’s actually really simple it’s nothing special at all right it’s actually really boring to be honest you know some testimonials here actually it’s got nothing it doesn’t even have a video sales letter so to be honest if you drove traffic directly to this capture page or to this website you probably won’t make that many sales and I’ll talk about that later and why you want to be very very careful okay I’ll come back to that but if you decided that you wanted to promote this particular program you would just click on promote right here and what Clickbank will offer you ask you to do is it will ask you to you know put in your account nickname so mine is you know that’s what mine is right and I would create it and then it would ask you to take this hop okay right here I’ve highlighted it I’m going to copy I’m going to copy it and basically when you want people to buy it you would just paste it wherever you want to and basically this would be it would show you the affilorama website again okay that’s basically how it works so if somebody clicks on that link that I just put in there that’s my Clickbank lift link they call it a hop link okay if someone clicks on this and they buy I will make a commission right and and it gets reflected in the back office of Clickbank and every month Clickbank will send you a check that’s how it works it’s as simple as that okay now here is the thing if you were to drive traffic okay directly to this clickbank also like

I mentioned earlier the convergence will be very very low so you have to be very careful I recommend that you don’t do that at all okay so I’ve been online for eight nine years now the first seven years of being online that’s what I was doing I had no idea what I was doing okay and you know you can drive traffic from anyway you can drive traffic from you know Facebook YouTube SEO so low traffic so many different sources right but what you need to do is you need to build value with your potential prospects okay so if you’re just sending them to this hop link then you’re going to convert very low it’s probably about a half a percent to zero-point-five percent of all the people you send will probably buy from you which is terrible right that’s why a lot of people go broke they quit and they don’t end up continue so be very very careful right what I recommend if you build something in the middle that I call a value series so what you want to do is is you want to use you know a website like click funnels for example and click funnels is actually a very very powerful program right that builds websites okay and you know you can see it right here and if you want to get access to that you can click right below

I’ll give you a you know a link to to come here right if you want you can just click on that link and lead your click funnels and you can build capture pages you can build you know an entire funnel you can build a value series which which is what I personally do and I’ll show you how you can see my value series right but you want to use something like click funnels which is a funnel builder okay and you want to first of all capture people’s email addresses so that you can start to build a relationship with them and follow up with them over time okay now once you’ve captured that email you want to lead them to a value series ok very very important because what a lot of people do is they’ve have a landing page collect the emails but then they lead them straight back to the affiliate offer which again you will convert at half a percent okay if you if you convert a one percent you are very very lucky it’s probably not going to happen right so what you want to do is you want to build a value series that builds a relationship with your potential prospects okay before they see the affiliate offer now again I don’t want to go too long in this video you know my the whole point of this video is to give you an idea okay it was actually to show you Clickbank and to you know give you some idea of how Clickbank actually works okay so if we go back to Clickbank here

I’m just going to make this smaller let’s just say you didn’t want to sell something like that maybe you wanted to do a health product right so I’m so I’m going to go to the health and fitness category which is very very popular okay and let’s see if we can you know find a good program right and you can actually do it by popularity it’s already you know ranked by popularity high to low right so there’s yoga burn and again I’m just going to you know open this up a little bit more so that you can see this clearly right so there’s yoga burn there’s lean belly breakthrough there’s organifi which is a great product by the way it’s a it’s a green powder product so if you want to check that out again average is 104 dollars this is more ecommerce okay maybe there is let’s see flat belly detox let’s have a look at that okay a lot of people want to lose weight so you know if you want to market a product like this okay this looks a bit more interested okay cool so you know it says basically this is a fat loss product and they’ve got at least they’ve got a capture page here sorry they’ve got a video what does this call the video sales that are right so it’ll probably sell a lot better than the affilorama one that you saw earlier this is actually something good that you can market but again do not drive traffic directly to this page because hundreds and thousands of affiliate marketers online do that right so you’re going to look the same and everybody else you don’t want to do that at all okay I’m just giving you an example of some of the affiliate products that you can market right so if you decide to market this again very very simple you come back here you click on promote and you’re going to get your little code I would put my account nickname in there and again if you don’t have an account you can create a free account in Clickbank okay and this is my hop link so I would you know again copy and paste this and I would just paste this in whatever and if

I direct people to this link here my hope link they’re going to find this you know flat belly detox and if they buy I will get a commission that’s how it works okay so that you want to promote that okay so I hope you know this has gotten your feet wet you know again this point you know this video was just to show you how to make money with Clickbank in 2017 right this is a Clickbank tutorial for beginners 2017 I hope you enjoyed that information if you want to find out a little bit more you want to spend more time with me you want to learn a little bit more about how to put a value series together how to build a sales funnel and the sales funnel that I use okay then you can click on the link right below this video okay it’s in the description box it’s going to lead you to one of my online workshops okay go ahead sign up for that workshop and I have it all week usually and I show you how I actually market a lot of affiliate products how I generated you know over a thousand sales in my business last year you can copy my my my program basically you can copy exactly what I did use it for yourself okay and you know go ahead subscribe to my page if you want I come up with you know training videos like this every single week okay comment in the videos I’m sorry comment in the comment box below let me know what you thought of of this quick little affiliate training and I look forward to your success and I look forward to you how to make money with Clickbank in 2017 and I hope you enjoyed this Clickbank tutorial for beginners 2017 my name is Aaron Chen speak to you soon take care

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