How To Make Money With Clickbank 2017 Clickbank Success


How To Make Money With Clickbank 2017 Clickbank Success

Okay hi guys in this video today what I’m going to do is show you how to make profit on the internet or how to make money online especially if you have little knowledge and you don’t have access to products for yourself so this is entirely for yourself it that you and i’m going to show you some the trip tips and techniques but I discovered define the best-selling products that you can propose and do it very easily indeed ok so what we’re doing is we’re going over to a website called it’s and that’s where we start and the idea of this here is that said lots of people in the clickbank Market place have already produced products they have made products they have made digital products by why these are all digital products here and then what they have done is basically done all the hard work for you because the American here ok so you can go and create account by clicking here ok

i’ll bring you true signup form and what you do is you sign up here at clcikbank and once you do that and there is couple steps to follow very very easy don’t and it’s all free and you can basically dark promoting other people’s products and what they’ll do is they’ll help you can get a commission from the particular product that they have so if you’re interested help fitness there is different sections down here we’ll have a quick look at what’s on offer free to promotion now you gotta remember to these people are experts in their fields and so and they know exactly what they’re doing so what I suggest we do is we look at something that you know a little bit about seniors health and fitness she can we hear different categories as we go down here on this side so their business investing computers and daddy business education through the mind cooking games green products help fitness home garden and then this goes r and r self-help the clouds boards and travel so there’s something here for everybody and but what you want to do first well you gotta remember that you’re working in a proclamation other is that tells of products in here so let’s just go over here actually company is for the American place and this brings us basically to the macro takes itself and and down this side here we have the categories are entertainment so you just click on any one of these here there’s a drop down and you can see what’s available for you to promote note some of them will give you a 50-percent ignition on the product itself and some looking 75 and some of pay you a recurring income which apartment in in a minute okay so that’s just one section there so you can go down through each one of them and and you can pick a particular one that maybe

I could trust you so interested in cooking and wining and dining and you have some people that are interested in that this might be an ideal opportunity free to come out to it now what I would suggest you do is that you build a list of people interested in your marketplace before you actually gold promotion and and we do she can build a squeeze page 72 and offer a free gift and then obviously back end you will generate sale because people just generate you know don’t buy in the first time around unless they’re going into the likes of amazon the personal my tablet something in their mind that they wanted will then they look gorgeous but sometimes people need to pack second tour times that’s the idea behind that and so we can choose from any one of these sections baking Savior interested in taking through that and you can see what our offer now that’s going to explain to you something here in relation to the gravity and of course the average sale place an initial sale until this detail here down the left-hand side you’ll also feed here which is listed here so we have this particular product here which is there bread and and groups gluten-free desserts so if you had something that was interesting this particular product and you want the email them and show them exactly what is this might be a product that might be of interest you and then you can see that product in that marketplace as well now some of them how a different symbol for the United States of dollars and have and other symbols here you calculate it what it is but we’re looking at here is we’re looking at 18 cause in order to swindle whether the product is selling or not this initial weekend this is like this will change every every couple of things the same they’re gonna give you see

I’m average 75-percent of the sale so they designed this place let’s have a look at it looks like just a little trick terrorists to openness and i’ll open another tab down the second and you can have a look cute and before I bring it to that I wanted to be okay so the average sale is 75 so you’re very interesting baking area you have a side of bacon you can actually promote somebody else’s product because that they have done additional work they put up on clickbank and they allow you to control the museum i’ll put there but this is the average sales for this okay and this gravity singing signal here will tell us how many people this this how many people sold a truck today and it’s searching points44 and that’ll change you’ll see higher numbers and feel lower numbers and you’ll see stuff like that as well so you can change this around low to high to low popularity the average sale if you want to do it that way tells us average rebuild totally going to talk about rebuilding of the minutes it’s a gravity that you’re after because that’s what we what we want to look at ok and that’s hella period CEO just changes ok so there is their kind of that’s the gravity for it so there’s people selling this into the public right now and this is the actual page itself okay and and people are approaching from this product of your interest in this particular area of baking and this person got a lot of experience in relation that especially gluten-free since he is a gluten-free gluten-free desserts that is very popular right now a lot of you know you’ll see a lot of the food suppliers and change and doing that and we have an order now but melt that

I just brought you directly to that page i’m gonna show you something here okay in the club a new tab you could mistake me say that your promoter just by doing that and what does not fit in here it is here it so the person that will get the sail for that is actually this supplier themselves now they did say they’re going to seventy-five percent commission so i’m going to show you exactly how you can promote their products so that you see what you do is you can automatically pack itself and you see this remote button now during the process of you signing up okay you would be given a nickname and a nickname for your particular you pick a name basically for for your account ok and in this case I’m just going to prove one that I have which is different here okay so now is the tracking ID here and you’d be given this by the way when you sign up okay i’m looking through that because it’s really you know easy to do ok the tracking ID itself is safer and since you’re doing this from Twitter you’re dealing from facebook let’s just deal with some political ecology there was gonna do here is going to create you an individual link ok and this is your link here and there were when we take this link this time around the cake and look at all the other ways that you can do and short moment and you can get shorter as online and stuff like that and make it smaller pretty-looking ok and pretty urls because one and then we go this time to the actual page ok taking remember that one there was no videos on it because it off so we don’t get too confused because they’re on the and the film that we liked what we read the customer likes would be read and they saying okay

I got to check this out this gluten-free eating and they want to order now so i’m doing here is i’m actually the present level and bring the directory and just open in another tab okay logo second and this time this time around you are going to get the city coatsy down the am here you can clearly see that the city is well machine world LOL machine or do you my world and it comes from Twitter so if somebody purchases this particular product or guess only five percent commission i haven’t created the product myself haven’t had done any of that work there all india doing simply use facilitate and be the advertisement are driving somebody to a particular politics and you will actually get paid for it ok so there is that that’s just one example that is other areas here that we can go through so if you’re interested ecommerce the business and maybe there’s something that you want to get involved again if we analyze this here and we will see begin to see and you know this one here actually this one here is is a trick clickbank passive income and/or

John Chow okay and he’s developed the whole range of systems if you don’t know how to control them and I’m like a good opportunity to do that and and he does all the hard work for you designed all the pages and set to open everything like that and it’s a great system and it might put a link below this video as well so you can get access to that particular product because it is because let’s say if

I wanted to and multi so I’m gonna have a look here and see that the average total is what the 137 line 10 k the gravity again is high in this series here the reason why this product right here is the color it is system already made of you ready to go without you create pages where do you send people he has done a lot of work for you okay and there’s a billionaire bill but i think his name as ad endorsing this and the the actual cold cold founder of that clickbank himself the CEO basic trick bank saying that this is a great system they have going on so i will leave a link below this video and then you go and check out so the average gravity use 154 and and it the total sales is fifty-two percent and what we have here is a initial sale 37 10 now you’ll see something different this time around you look down here you see a telephone but you see this symbol here this is called a recurring billing problems ok so initially initially what happens is somebody will purchase still going so we just go again promoted ok and what they will do is they will give you the average we go city dependent and so began similar again and and just created this time i’m going to copy that and i will put a link below be slightly different them the one being here and just going over to new tab I’m going to copy and paste it on a tank and this one is actually good system and be okay and well work dr.

Ok so this is cece talk about opportunity to travel business ok so let’s say we like that and we got through the story and I listened to what John savin headquarters in theirs at Corey Davis she’s drink sorry Patrick ok and and he gives his story there and there’s Kourtney sighs Kourtney sorry and who is in charge of planning on this humanity 12 from the doors look forward acknowledging what he does so and and robert g allen and there’s even some of the stadium and build back on his name is and yeah the American culture queso and of course that you know results grunting who swept down in the internet marketing thing so you have a whole system will not be reached through this whole page ok he tells you what the product and he says step one selling the system and basically multiple products and services and stuff like that so 10 this is just some disclaimers of the income but he’s made and from the products and services because you’ve got to hold them set up and ready to go which is pretty good and you want to save time and money so you got all the way down the end you say yeah I’m interested in promoting this part I like to come that’s all I do good idea being able to make money are clickbank account the American celebrating available on was very long pages ok and you can do this in two ways you can take 47 months or you can pay the one-time tank through some of cells and this as well and and that’s where the recurring income comes in plague so again if they go 47 months kram instant access to the lifetime 97 doesn’t matter which one you go with a di da here again is if we go down game here with seriously it is coming back to me so I’m going to get initially payment for that and then this is because this is the record and payment and it’s the whole system setup i’ll give you the function eurozone get your dollars whatever you want there you can check out british pounds euros and so on us sellers whatever you are in the world so you can purchase that there and you will get keep track of the actual product itself so everything they see on clickbank settle this right here and now

i’m gonna show you a real treasure of gold ok I’ve never disclosed this before at a Klan keypad but I I’m going to do it right now and and it’s because I want to offer you something of value ok and so how do you find the best thing products there’s so many different parts here and he’s heavy find the actual products that are selling like now today well would you like to know that well I’m sure you would so I said I’d never disclosed before so I’m gonna do it right now we go to this fine the products here that box here okay i’ll leave all categories at a just press that they’re like that old your keyboard press Enter ok and and what

I’ve just discussed this goes to you is something amazing okay because now what we’re doing is we’re looking at every single product the best sound quality and quick bike right now for you to promote ok this is live it will change likely at every now and again but these players to click like passive income on these are the ones that are selling like now page 1 page 2 so 4 sofort and you can bc promote products that are going to give you a newsstand and way because the proven already and they’re already selling it in the market is ok so very good tip there for you hopefully enjoy that and and you can take that away so you can basically start to put these products again the gravity and Diesel’s hearing sedum quite quite large hear of a 240 660 so there’s quite a lot of people average rebuild the rebuild here as well is a good 13 weeks dives and and actually obviously a good one for this time of year 75% we built an amazing okay and you’re going to get commission for the sale as well and so forth diabetes being a big problem the moment i think i saw problem the other night them michelle obama was on Top Chef should one and three kids in the United States at the stage of the bc that’s absolutely massive kids and then it is a huge problem gotta sort of those very quickly and it spread throughout the world as well who would really you know if you’re interested in helping people that helps in this area like particularly good policy to go with and you can go through some of it on there as well interesting good work and you can do that while Ted’s work you know one there and the last night so and the passive income for 2017 as we said we live that one below here and you can get access to that it did something you want to do now if you’re if you’re promoting these products of you need to you need to be a little bit more advanced some people have them directly to the page and then let’s just get you know people on trust admission and so

I do recommend that you you get this product here passive income or if you’re interested in looking at higher affiliate offers where the offer and if any Commission of anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 that’s a different system I’ll also leave a link below this video to go on check that I also hope you enjoy this this is a way for you to make money and clickbank in 2017 and any questions please feel free to pop them below the video and would like to go back to you but on the answer to your question I will sort of the information for you and then come back directly with the best possible answer a camp and so many questions in relation to help please let us now but number one key thing once again if you want to find the best ones just go over to that suit do it again and very simple very easy as one of the computer works fine and now we just come back here ok so we have all these different categories you can go through them your place again but you want to find the best one just simply came out there and press enter their life their life ok so and you know you can see here the the battery was coming up and

Ted is going up so these will change every so often the debut should still there the last way self-help books as the body breakthrough at Yoga Yoga born to let you get easier and trust me other markets at greater so just basically you know we look at their to take away and to implement added you want the strategies how to do the whole thing will happen to set up all these pages and the reason why the pages are setup like that very simple because and what you’ll discover is there people want to come back to the product again but the you know their attention span is the eight seconds on the internet you know 12345678 will become wanted resources that make the controversial post so many Picard so the idea here is that you offer them something of value you give something away for them whether to treat your three pieces of content information about the product service and then what you do issue promote and help them important through their process of atlantic and that’s squared the system’s come into play ok so there will be little of that as well and it’s an expression once again leave them and architecture with natural ok hope you enjoyed this said good way to start making money in clickbank into thousands of them

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