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Must-Try ! | Jordan from Millennial Moms

(upbeat music) – Hi Everybody! Jordan Paige from Millennial Moms here. I’ve got another new video for you this week that I’m super excited about. But, first, don’t forget to subscribe and give a little beensy thumbs up while you’re at it. Thank you. Oh my gosh. Oops. Forgot about my phone. It is true. The rumors are true. The Paige family is moving. If you’ve ever moved before, or maybe if you have a move coming up in your future, on the outside you’re like wooo! Yes, yes, yes yes! And on the inside your kinda like (sobbing) make it stop! (banging on table and sobbing) Yeah, something like that. Moving is hard, whether you’re moving one mile away or a thousand miles away, there’s a lot of work involved.

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Don’t you worry your pretty little mind. I’ve got some amazing moving tips and hacks that will help make your move a bazillion times easier. Let me show you how. The first thing you have to do is purge before you move. It’s tempting to think oh, just throw it in a box, we’ll figure it out in the next house. But take time to declutter and get rid of as much as you can before moving. It’s just less stuff to pack, less stuff to (stumbles over words), less stuff to haul, and just less stuff. Yeah. A great moving tip is don’t buy that expensive bubble wrap stuff, though it is really super fun to pop (laughs). You don’t need it. Just use your own towels, rags, and even your own clothes to wrap your breakable and fragile items. Use coffee filters in between breakable items. Coffee filters are, like, dirt cheap. Another way to save money is don’t buy boxes. Oh my gosh, what a waste! Just check your local Classifieds and even Facebook. People are always willing to give their moving boxes for free when they’re done with them. Another option is, pick up the phone and call the grocery stores nearest you.

They get boxes every week and they’re happy to give them away for free. Start with things on the walls. Along with anything on the walls is decor. Just get that stuff out of the way. You don’t need it. When it comes to packing your clothes, you do not need to put them in boxes. Just take a big, sturdy garbage sack, put the sack around a bundle of clothes, pack them just like a dry cleaner bag. Then you’ve got a giant bundle of clothes that’s wrapped, protected, and can just be tossed in the back of a car. I know it’s so smart, right? Another great tip is do not unpack your drawers. Just take the drawer out, wrap it in packing wrap, and toss it in the truck. Then, when you get to where you’re going, pull off the wrapping paper, stick it in the dresser, and ta-da! Jazz hands! Labeling is so important.

moving hacks reddit

Be sure to label several sides of the boxes you’re packing. And, on one side of the box, be sure to write down every single thing that’s in the box. You don’t wanna be, like, digging through a hundred boxes like, where’s the can opener? I just need a can opener. Just write it on the outside of the box so you can find what you need easily. When it comes to packing and moving, the trick is to be ultra-organized. Use different colored tape and color code boxes based on the room they need to go to. Make several master lists and have them (stumbles over words) planted? (stumbles over words) Have them placed in a few obvious places so everybody knows exactly where the boxes need to go. Moving can get really hectic and crazy and it gets really easy to lose track of stuff.

One thing I recommend doing is getting some of those sturdy, plastic bins and keeping all your moving supplies in one bin. We’re talking scissors, tape, packing wrap, markers, your color coded master list, and even a few simple tools that you might need to take off doors or assemble light furniture during the move. Keep it all in one place, baby. This is your home. Throw it away. Be sure to have a bin of necessary items that you need to function when you get to the next house. We’re talking basic things like hand soap, toilet paper, dish soap and a dish brush, paper plates and cups some plastic forks, some water bottles, some snacks, phone chargers, some activities like coloring for your kids, paper towels. And, also, shampoo, towels and a shower curtain, because I promise you’re gonna wanna shower after moving day. Please shower. And last, and most important, be sure to snap one last picture of you and your family in front of your house. Give it a little kiss goodbye and move on out, folks.

So, there you go. Those are some quick and easy tips for making packing and moving much, much easier. I hope you like this video. Give it a big thumbs up if you did. Be sure it subscribe so you don’t miss any of the great Millennial Moms videos. And, hey, check out my blog while you’re at it, as well as my Fun, Cheap, or Free youtube channel. And, of course, I want you right back here next Wednesday. Until then, bye! Do you have any great moving (stumbles over words) moving ticks? Ew. Gross!.

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