Viganj, Croatia – LIBERAN Windsurf & Kitesurf Center


LIBERAN Windsurf & Kitesurf Center


To teach someone how to surf… If you manage to put a smile on someone’s face means that you did a good job. Many types of people visit this surf spot, an we really try to tech them all from athletes to those who spend all day sitting in their office and come for only a few days so that they could relax and learn to surf to people who just want to try something new in life.

The water is very flat, which makes it easier for the beginners to learn. There is wind almost every day, south winds or north-east. Rare are the days with no wind. The atmosphere is very chill, and that is how we are in working with students, because the point is not only in learning to surf, but also to have a great time, meet cool new people and enjoy their stay. Our kitesurf-insturctors are highly skilled, they even enjoy untangling the lines after the courses 🙂 I am sure that our students are happy and that they will come next year to learn something more.

Who is missing a board in the head, has one under their feet… hmm.