Ryan Toys Review ✈COME TO AUSTRALIA🌞……..please??!! We have McDonalds, Thomas Train, Disney Cars



McDonalds cheesburger its done mmm I want some welcome to Ryan ToysReview Hey Ryan Im Aussie Charlie Hey charlie should we invite Ryan over for a playdate Yes ok lets show him everything that’s cool down under you can feed our pet kangaroo Bindi Irwin and her family live just down the street the alligators here are very slow what do you think Alfie?

the koalas are extra cuddly the snakes are slippery but friendly Ryan want to come with us at the beach Ryan you can sleep next to me here ryan we have a mcdonalds happy meal for you Ive got a toy and chicken nuggets and chippies what toy have you got charlie its a baby oh so cute. here you go Alfie Ryan we have a surprise egg for you lets open these up whoa look at this Ryan a surprise egg who is at the door is it Ryan?

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