THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! – The Impossible Quizmas



Hows it going bros my name is PewDiePie Do I really have to say that every fucking time no im just kidding The Impossible Quiz It’s a game that you bros have suggested about 5 fucking Million times The fact that the game is called the impossible quiz has been a reason for me not wanting to play it Look at that, I was tired of my intro back in 2013 LOOK WHO’S BACK EVERYBODY The Impossible Quiz The original Impossible quiz came out 10 Years ago this year. We’ll all be dead soon. Cant wait to play this one! yes Slap-Me-Do Oh how I missed you 10 Years anniversary Impossible Quizmas, we are back Back Of course I’m going to beat this game. And its gonna be easy Why? because I’m the greatest gamer on the planet everyone knows this everyone ask anyone on the street ask your mom ‘Whos the best gamer?’ oh its PewDiePie first question you can play along of course.

First question, on the first day of impossible quizmas my true love gave to me… Hepatitis B *claps* DAMN I’M GOOD AT THIS GAME Who draped spaghetti over scrooges chest? The ghost of Christmas pasta The ghost of Christmas present The ghost of Christmas yet to come *chuckles* WHAT?! okay, the pasta, It was the pasta “What is this?” it’s waving salt seasons greetings pepper people an abomination. Seasons greetings This is easy oh shit, Find the dodgy bulb uhh, I found it This is so easy are you kidding me? are you kidding me right now I’m killing it, Im gonna beat this game on the first try just watch me “What makes Rudolph’s nose glow red?” Fairy dust Santa’s bum crumbs Elf dandruff Years of alcohol abuse Just pick the most horrific answer and you get it right every time hey, you want some? huh, you want that ahh ah erhh What am I doing here Jesus christ, OOHHH Merry Christmas everybody ho ho ho How do I dab? I think that’s the reason thats what i gotta do right? What do I gotta do? Oh I just had to keep making him licking it I knew that! shut up “Who wrote the song silent night?” Franz Xaver Gruber Carol Joseph Mohr A rather Intelligent orang utang Dammit Joseph Mohr Oh look at that I actually I actually game over Give Up Wait this is a new question Aw don’t randomize it “What is this?” Oh that’s a great question I’m Bored The true meaning of Sweet OH its sweet baby jesus There, I found it.

Okay. What makes Rudolph’s Nose, It was uh Years of alcohol abuse and then you gotta lick it I don’t know why that wasn’t obvious to me Jebus Okay “Who Wrote the song ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas?” uuh Someone from france God Dammit I hope its not a hundred questions like last time Jesus Okay on the f- *Belch* U-Okay Alright, Okay, Alright where are you Where are you There you are You little Bichh “What makes Rudolph’s Nose?” Years of alcohol abuse.

Lick it Lick it you little Bitch 2013 PewDiePie is back baby Carol wrote that Ew EW Why the hell did you make this game in flash? I forgot It was this one wasn’t it Yes Frank says G I B GIBL Giblets Guy Oh Great Nice one, Thank you “Where does Father Christmas leave your presents?” Uhhh On the roof In a bear trap Are you kidding me I got them all wrong Come on Oh God I gotta do all this? Sweet Baby Jesus Man i’m really feeling the holiday spirit Right about now Okay what do you want G I Giblet Alright, here we go In your stockings What? On the roof I don’t know then. “So now there’s a Christmas quiz, how about a Halloween Special?” 2 Spoopy DAMMIT STOP S Prrrr Ooooo, Sprouts Okay This is a tricky one I have to click somewhere else right? It’s a fake one Alright whatever “so now there’s a Christmas quiz how about” Uh Too Late! I cant be arsed? wait what the hell is it then? Advent calendar chocolate Death Ball Tinsel Great, thank you Oh my god Im already sick of this I don’t know! There’s a tricky one It’s a snake one But I clicked them all I clicked on “Too Late!” I clicked “Too Spoopy” I clicked I cant be ar- I clicked that one Are you kidding me! “How would you rate this quiz so far?” Oh yeah I already got it right once Don’t say anything.

Not as good as the originals I hate you Okay It’s almost too christmassy Mediocre What the hell is the answer!? Christmas tree On the roof In a bear Trap What the hell I don’t fucking know In your stockings Then in your asshole I don’t Where else am I supposed to click? So dumb. Mediocre Hoaaaaaaa I don’t fucking know what that is. A Bauble? Oh my god Which one blinked I didn’t see So Dumb I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I’m gonna sit it out I’m gonna sit it out Fuck me Okay that didn’t work “How would you rate” 13 Oh my god I had to click the star. Great Fantastic Oh what is this There’s something here It’s hidden underneath all the missiles Oh No It’s over here actually Is this it? That was it “Where do pirates hide their Christmas presents?” In a massive chest In the bowels of the cracken Pirates don’t celebrate christmas Under a palm tree ouhh In the bowels of the cracken *whispers* fuck Don’t look at me like you knew the answer ’cause you didn’t uhg what did I pick I picked this one and I picked this no I picked this one in a massive chest That’s so lame, under a palm tree Then I don’t know stop asking me What th- What the hell I don’t Know There must be a secret There is a secret here somewhere and I shall find it Did I- did I hit Pirates don’t celebrate Christmas? I hate this Quiz Why would they do this to me? I beat the first one I’ve gotta do all this again? “Where do pirates hide their Xmas?” On the (Sudden realization) It’s on the X everyone “Prepare for takeoff!” What do I do? What do I do? I am prepared! WHAT DO I DO!? Oh my God Ohhhh What do I do here? What do I do here? What do I do here? What do I do here? What do I do here? What do I What do I do here? What am I doing here? Great Great you just hid it there Fantastic What do I do I hate the timed ones its like dude Fuck of Alright Another timed one Santa You’re not santa You’re not even santa oh Oh Satan Sataaa- *laughs* I don’t know what I did is that Oh okay, wait Skip, Skip Okay I’ve got it Satan SA- TA- SA- Satan! SATAN! “NOËL!” Valentine’s Halloween Yuletide Easter Yulitde Yuletide Dammit Uhh Easter Oh my god Oh It’s a keyboard It’s a keyboard It’s a Keyboard Its the arrows It was the arrows GENIUS I’m Genius! I’M A GODDAMN EINSTEIN, I’M A RICK & MORTY 3000 “What’s the most popular Christmas Wine?” Savignon Blanc You know what A Pinot Noir This game is out of culture I don’t know Slippers Slappers Tissues You can’t wear tissues but what is this then? Skip Hey, I got another skip *laughs* Oh wow! No it’s uhhh AHHHHHHHHH Did I do it? I did it But then I miss-clicked GOD DAMMIT GAME “What is a Turlock?” A Turkish wizzard *laughs* damn it God dammit Somewhere you can stuff a turkey what does that mean? Reindeer testes it must be that Great to uh- God dammit I don’t get it Wait what? Oh god i’m dead Oh I’m dead aww shit It’s the 25th time to open your presents if you got any Okay Okay Okay Okay What do you mean? hey! what? what did I do? Okay Blue RED *inhales* it’s working Blue Yellow! I’m a genius! Daaahhhh- Merry Christmas Congratulations, You did it! check out your presents on the collections page back to menu WOW It would seem that the impossible Quizmas would- would be renamed Possible Quizmas ‘Cause it was EASY! Told you! I told you! Merry Christmas everybody Hope you have a great happy holidays And all that stuff Credits to me for beating this game See you next time everybody, PeacePie