GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Windsurfing with Levi Siver (Ep 17)


GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks

Hi I’m Levi Siver. I’m a professional windsurfer and a GoPro Athlete. We have some tricks and tips to allow better viewpoints on the windsurfer. It’s a high intensity sport, but there’s a couple little areas on the rig that you can put the GoPro and get some maximum visibility and get the speed and all the dynamics of windsurfing. We’re basically starting with the Handlebar Mount. This is pretty much the go-to for most windsurfers. There’s two great viewpoints for the Handlebar Mount. There’s the back of the boom which you can basically see forward, where you’re going, and the take off of jumps. Or there’s the front of the boom where you’re looking back, and you can see the speed, you can see all the facial expressions, and you get a wide angle of the windsurfer as well as the bottom turn. So basically what I do is just, you know, loosen up the GoPro mount here.

And the whole thing about this is to evenly tighten both sides of it so you don’t have one that’s popping out. Right where it starts to curve, most booms, all the new booms they curve in. You don’t want to be like way out in the front here because it’s going to be facing too. You want it right where it’s starting to curve in. Not straight, but just curved in a little bit. So basically I like to get it right where there’s an even tightness on both. You want to get it where it’s not tacoing out, it’s not bending too much on the arms here, but just enough where you can kind of crank it down and it’s fairly tight. Now let’s go to another angle that I really like. This angle, it’s like you’re following the windsurfer.

So you get a little bit more rider perspective. It’s the same principle as the front with the boom. You just want to do it even with the clamp here. At the very end of the boom, right there. And then, the roll bar mount. This one’s key. The roll bar mount goes at the top of the sail. This is you’re getting the whole vertical perspective of windsurfing. You’re getting from the top of the sail all the way down to the board and you get to see the flex of the rig, you get to see the speed, and basically you just put it up there on the top of the sail, right where the mast comes out of the top of the sail.

Or what you can do if you want a real personal angle too is you can attach it to the opening here at the sleeve and you can get a really good wide angle shot that’s really similar to this. And then of course you go to the Wi-Fi settings and you can link up with your iPhone and you’ve got the GoPro Wi-Fi App and you can basically make sure that all the camera angles are right, you can check the settings in your phone and you can pretty much do everything right from your iPhone. I’m Levi Siver, I’m a GoPro Athlete, and let’s go do some windsurfing..

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