Train Drives Through Maeklong Railway Market Near Bangkok – Vlog 03


Train Drives Through Maeklong Railway Market

We’re heading off bright and early this morning we’re going to an outdoor market it’s quite a distance from here probably about an hour or so from the city centre.

Take a look at all the traffic heading in to work on this early morning got to watch your footing in Bangkok this is the Sky Train we’re going to take wongwein yai. I hope I pronounced it right otherwise we’ll be going somewhere else. So here we are about to catch the skytrain and it’s hot already in Bangkok about seven thirty in the morning. We got to the station wait for the train to go it’s going to be about 20 minutes or so We are hot and bothered hot and bothered in Bangkok but we’ve got these beautiful fans blowing on us you can see on the ceiling here If you pay second class actually the whole train seems to be second class, you’re going to get a fan on the ceiling, a room with a view and a cafe at every stop. So we are now on the air conditioned minibus to Maeklong the whole journeys taken a bit longer than we thought it was going to take but we live and learn in Thailand so we’re in Maeklong heading towards the train market and mid day probably not the best time to arrive.

So we’re going to get two iced coffees from this guy. look at this wonderful little coffee set up he’s got here so he’s putting in condensed sweet milk now, in goes the carnation milk .

Nice big tall cups which I think he’s going to fill with ice. That’s a beautiful coffee it’s a warm day lovely iced coffee, you can’t beat it, look at this market so that’s just to keep the flies away from the dried fish sawasdee krab.

So this market here has got a train track running through it can you believe that in 20 minutes or so a train is going to come through this market spot and they’re going to be lifting all this literally where I’m walking now there’s a train track and you can barely get under the roof.

So this here is the very end of the Maeklong train market and you come out onto a road you’ve got this narrow gauge train track here hard to believe that a train comes across here and goes straight through the middle of that market So that was our trip out to Maeklong market fantastic experience you have a look at this old car here isn’t that just amazing what a great trip if you are in Bangkok or Thailand you really must take the time and effort to go to Maeklong it is wonderful so everybody out there I hope you are having a great day take care give this one a thumbs-up share the love and I’ll see you in the next video be good

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