How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.


How small a hole can a mouse get through

My mouse maze from last year had this 19 millimeter hole that the mouse got through without problems, but I wonder how small a hole can a mouse get through.

And if that most makes it through all these holes I can just slide that over and force the mouse through even smaller holes. I put some peanut butter in front of the holes as well as in the holes and in the compartments behind.

I’ve got my Raspberry Pi 2 with a camera module watching it Now I just have to wait for a mouse so the critical diameter is somewhere between 16 and 17 and a half millimeters so have to make some holes of those sizes and I’m using my pantorouter for those odd sized holes I know the mouse can get through that one.

What I’m testing is half a millimeter smaller and one millimeter smaller than that I’m adding more peanut butter to make it more tempting for the mouse so it’ll actually try those holes finally it went in a hole but I already knew It could do, that one it, seems the mouse wasn’t even trying the smaller holes but added more peanut butter just to make sure the mouse kept coming back.

Oh no no I’ve been infiltrated by a mole but actually it’s just as shrew, but still not what I was looking for well I guess this one’s a little bit too big to take away the mouse bait and the mouse is back but I think that most has just gotten lazy or maybe I fed or maybe I fed it too much.

Well at least that shrew is trying to get into holes that hole is too small just give it up holy crap I wonder if it is make it back out no way the mouse never tried to go through that hole I left the experiment running for a few days after that and the shrew kept going through the same holes but never the smallest one

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