Oh my god look at us!! How would you deface a Paul? Alrighty, so this is an annual tradition for FBE to talk about the issues of YouTube inside our YouTube Rewind episodes. Zach: Oh goodness Space. Ned: Stars. Zach: No, that’s rewind! Both: It’s YouTube Rewind! AYYYYYY OOHHHH Is it that time? YouTube Rewind. Every year. I just watched this today! Oh snap! Oh, Liza! The Ambassadors, tell me about 2017. I was like, they already look like, oh boy, a lot happened in 2017. Oh! Nianna! Oh! Luis Fonsi! Trying to see who I know. Very global — wonderful. Oh wait, that’s me! I got my point five seconds in there. Marshmallow! Whoa everybody’s getting like a split second in this this year It’s pretty cool that they got the Despacito guys in there. Uhm… Okay, that’s so fast, okay.

Fidget-spinner. Fidget spinners, man. Oh, that’s cool… That’s cool~ This is the coolest part. Oh my god, look at us! And… That’s it. That’s our whole part. And that’s our whole part. Alright, thank you guys! I feel like I probably don’t get at least a solid like 50% of what the references are here. Salt! I love salt bae. Slime! Slime! Slime was big this year. Slime was huge this year. I can’t believe half of these things were this year. Oh! This was this year? I love this this is one of my favorite things on the internet I don’t I can’t even follow. How many people I’m missing. I recognized like 1% of these people right now. What does that say about me as a YouTu- I guess that means I’m a pretty bad YouTuber.

Oh, it’s the Eclipse. Casey. Oh, I love Casey Oh, that’s Casper! That’s Casper and Joe! Joe. Rosanna I don’t even know any of these references oh, that’s Taylor Swift. the one I should know they should have had a vine tombstone I can’t tell who they are?! I know it’s hard, with all the make up. I wouldn’t know when hit that part. You can’t jump. Oh, that’s Anthony, I think.

Hey there, I am And I’m dabbing into another dimension Poppy! Poppy! Now they’re doing… Current events? I don’t think they did that before there are a lot of tragedies this year Awe that’s sweet unity. Oh, I just got goosebumps. You got goosebumps! Why is it making me feel things? very heavy. They will not let fidget spinners die! Oh, that’s Jake. Marshmallow Logan. Rudy I I love all the paint. Of course I love the paint! TomSka right in the face. I wish I got to do one of the slime fight sounds like it would have been fun How would you… deface a paul? They’re gonna emphasize the war between the brothers. Oh, oh they mad And now their friends It’s kind of like their fake online beef with each other. That kid Made it Don’t you dare get Dan and Phil dirty. Well the floor is lava, that’s cute the floor is lava Oh yeah, the lava.

I forgot about that one She gets her own line this is this is a lot to handle Hannah, good job you made a part. wait I get my moment my moment of Fame there I am and there I am. I love these videos. They’re so creative. Very descriptive. Oh, I love that animators are getting some airtime – that’s so cute. Oh they even put that animators in awe Cute it just really makes you feel so proud that like so many different people with so many different genres and so many different interests Can all come together in this one massive Internet! That was one of my favorite YouTube rewinds. It was done so much better. They fit so many more people in they even Honored some tragic stuff, which you know I feel like this is a culmination of everything over the year It was about happiness and unity and bringing people together and the world coming together as a one and slime I don’t remember what I just watched.

I it was very overwhelming so how was your experience being in YouTube rewind this year? Yeah? I mean, I think there’s the running joke now in the YouTube community that we all Hope we get our seconds of fame in the YouTube rewind because it just gets bigger and bigger every year I was there in costume for Four or five hours getting that makeup done and everything and then it’s it’s like five seconds of every time. we got Hammered by snow that was like it was half styrofoam and half snow And they shot it out of a huge cannon so every time it went off. They’re like hey act scared. I’m like don’t worry That sound is like yes, it was Being YouTube rewind it has a lot of YouTubers in it, but you weren’t in there? I know I was supposed to be in there, but I was I was out of town filming a movie I know I want to be in the YouTube rewind so bad to me This is more of an honor than YouTube rewind who won yeah, yeah, I want to be the the kibitzer I want to be the commentator of the YouT- I’d much rather react to a YouTube rewind than be in it.

How does one get asked to be in the YouTube rewind video? There was one old guy with a tie on during like the dancing scene So YouTube rewind in its earlier days always had its issues at the reality of not being able to include everyone now It’s even more impossible because we’re growing YouTube has even more creators now Yeah, I was actually kind of surprised to be invited there are so many controversial channels And there are how you can’t fit everybody in so how are you gonna choose with so many types of creators and therefore their fans? It’s impossible to please everyone. Maybe YouTube should actually like split it up throughout the year and Do like by country or by region? Do a quarterly I know a lot of content creators that passed on doing it this year either They’re scheduling didn’t work out or they just didn’t feel it was necessary They’ve been in it before but I always have a decent time It feels like a friend that I owe a favor to every year alright So this is an annual tradition for FBE to talk about the issues of YouTube inside our YouTube rewind episodes Oh goodness, so the continued changes with the algorithm and the recommendation engine has caused big view fluctuations How has this impacted your channel if at all oh, yeah? The algorithm, YouTube algorithm.

We definitely have experienced that we were putting out like two or three videos a week Last year, and then this year. We’ve gone down to one video if you’re putting out random stuff Which is basically what most youtubers start out doing? Your audience doesn’t know what they’re gonna get and so it started fluctuate your views and the algorithm just doesn’t like when your views Fluctuate you’re seeing a general change in YouTube because they algorithm where it’s rewarding a lot more quantity over quality. I’m fearful as YouTube continues down this road that it’s going to favor that type of content that is very now based very immediate and Quick if you’re just relying on views views views only That’s gonna that can that can go away with the wind with one little click of an algorithm to change and you really can’t get Mad at YouTube for doing that you can only be mad at yourself for not kind of like utilizing the resources that you had a time to diversify if there’s a certain amount of them taking a sample size and Determining of that sample how many people are interested in that piece of content before they propagate it out further If not all of your audience is interested in every kind of video you upload.

I think it can certainly sort of push down YouTube’s score of how much it wants to throw it out to subscribers the way that they have executed so far is Is far from perfect algorithm-wise, I would say we’ve definitely been impacted a little yeah I’ve had friends that were with me that are subscribed and then I’ll post a video and then three hours later I’m still hanging out with them. They’re like. Oh, I just got notified I’m like if someone makes a conscious choice to subscribe to your channel. They should always see your content Another big issue this year has been D Monetization as a result of scandals around ads being placed on video advertisers didn’t want to be on resulting in YouTube sometimes incorrectly de-monetizing content that has no issues Can you talk about what you’ve seen with de monetization? I have not been affected by de-monetization too bad I haven’t had major issues, but I’ve I’ve always sort of subconsciously created content that was wasn’t pushing too many boundaries But I’ve seen channels like Phil DeFranco channel the channel that I rely on I’ve seen him have issues with it And that sucks they stopped the monetization right like if you if you curse or something like that so if I say right now It’s been bleeped You bleeped it, right My channel is super family-friendly and I Got some videos.

De-monetized.they’re going back through old videos? There’s three one from like a year ago one from like three years ago one from like seven years ago And I’m like what I’ve been on YouTube for 12 years, and this has never happened I had a ton of my stuff de-monetized by the machines And it really sucks because you have to click that button to have that manual review done and then that could take days we never Relied on ads in the first place we make short films, and we make sketch comedy They need to keep the advertisers like happy so that we can even get anything right So I’m I see both sides seeing those videos to de-monetized. It’s really disheartening because there are really important creators Who are who have an important message and are helping information get out there if they can’t make money that content is gonna go however Making steps to take away child abuse videos. I think is really important. I know why they’re doing it. I get it It’s just what they need to do at the very least Is implement some kind of like good behavior system where for channels that are either a certain certain threshold of viewership It’ll take someone to manually review the video before it is demonetised rather than putting the burden on the creator put the burden on Them moving on to questions that we ask every single year when we do this episode What’s something in your YouTube career or your life that you’re very proud of that happened in 2017 2017? What was most memorable I did this movie called the babysitter he had a big goal to get to A million this year and now we’re almost at two million in 2017 we’ve reached a hundred thousand dollars raised for Diabetes Awareness, I’m a type 1 diabetic.

It’s like We have a video coming out in 2018 where we got to fly to Alaska Take a… Helicopter! To a glacier via a seaplane And then we got to race dog sleds on a glacier Wow! Like, pretty dope stuff! most memorable thing for me by far was leaving Smosh And venturing out to do things as a solo Independent creator like I’m still in a transition period of trying to figure out what it means to do stuff on my own now I’m just that I’m still here like I with YouTube.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years We’ve seen so many types of creators come and go we’ve seen so many trends and waves and for us to be able to Weather all of that. I’m really grateful for that finally one year from now. What is a prediction you have about the evolution of YouTube? God the Paul brothers will be Czar’s of the Youtube empire there will be a an individual like independently run channel that’ll be doing that billion views a month I’ll I feel like YouTube red is ok? But I don’t think it’s gonna be the future of YouTube I mean, I mean I might be pitching a youtube red series next year So hopefully that’s good in order to grow they’re gonna have to start competing with Hulu and Netflix and Amazon In different ways they’re gonna have to start taking bigger risks YouTube has to address some of these problems because creators are will make the platform great And if they don’t address the problem, creators are gone. We’ll go somewhere else and continue to make great content Thank you so much for watching this episode of youtubers react you liked what you saw And wanna follow these youtubers check their links on the description below.

See you guys next time. Hey guys we’re to hear from FBE Thanks for watching this episode of youtubers react a big. Thank you to all the youtubers that were in this episode and special Thank yous to broken wind money V and Mirai flips one two three four watching last week bye guys.

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