Anthony Bourdain On Working With A Team


Anthony Bourdain On Working With A Team

Most of the people I work with have worked with me for a very long time. And some of the shooters on my show have been with me 15 years. 

We’re all movie fans.

We’re all people who understand that we’re lucky, that the degree of freedom that we have to do what we want, shoot what we want.

I don’t have to give a pep talk Everybody understands that we all expect of each other to do our best work every episode. The people who take that challenge seriously do well on my show and stick around but if you’re on the road as much as these crews are and working under conditions, weather conditions And law and order conditions and living conditions like they do 12, 14, 15 hours a day hauling equipment around.

That wears on some people over time.

People do burn out, and they might find themselves. Assigned to one of our many other fine shows that the production company does. Sort of a private joke, it’s like if you start screwing up on my show, I say, you like hunting? You like camping?

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