Silicon Valley — Theme Song Created in GarageBand [4K]


Silicon Valley — Theme Song Created in GarageBand

Who is your favorite character in Silicon Valley?


Mine is Eric Cartman… I mean… Erlich Bachman! Oh, I just went there! Today in “Let’s create a million dollar theme song under five minutes” episode we’re going to create The theme song for Silicon Valley under one minute actually. Alright now I’m going to go ahead and try to create the Silicon Valley theme song under one minute Here we go Done! Now let me show you what I did there.

The melody goes But it uses pitch, so you can use iPad to achieve that Make sure it is set to pitch Actually what they do is the bass is an octave lower so what I did was Also let me show you the instruments I picked.

For the drums I picked the Hip Hop Drum Machine And you can add a little bit lo fi into it Tempo is 84, 85 And then for the keyboard, go into classics select that And then switch this to pitch Turn modulator up a little bit This is a little better Just like The Office, sometimes the shows adapted to other countries or regions So we have to be prepared for that as well.

So let’s prepare the eastern version of the Silicon Valley theme song. Gonna go to songs, duplicate this. Let’s call it Eastern Edition. And then let’s get rid of the previous keyboard Let’s go to our loops and… good. Alright this looks good. For this of course I’m going to use a different scale. Let’s go I can go in here, hit edit Take all of these low notes Bring them couple of octaves down and then make the song a little bit faster And that’s it.

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