How To Create Wonder Woman Theme Song in GarageBand for iPad — Tutorial [4K]


How To Create Wonder Woman Theme Song in GarageBand for iPad

Hey so you want to see how that was done it’s very simple let’s begin . As you can see I setup my camera here so I can show you what I’m doing. If you have your iPad set up and if you want to follow me you can because what we’re gonna do. It’s actually very easy it’s just the first two instruments are gonna take up some time. Hang in there after that we’re gonna have a lot of fun let’s just hit plus and create a new song. Now we’re gonna add a new drum. Great I got my system connected to the apogee duet and that is connected to my speakers because I want to hear the low ends more clearly . Because this song has a lot of that low end stuff  and I think this system will show it . Thank you good night has it. So let’s set our song up our, tempo is hundred and forty two ,it’s actually a little more than that but it’s okay for our purposes. That’s good enough and then our key signature is A minor and the most important thing is the time signature of this song.

That is seven eight let’s go to four four and change that to seven seven ok garageband doesn’t have seven eight. GarageBand for iPad an iPhone so thank you very much for watching this episode because now I can show you how to cheat this system and add seven eight. Hi Apple try and stop my jailbreak no you can’t. All right let’s leave that for four and start creating our own metronome.

I’m just gonna hit record and  that’s good enough. Now let’s go to instruments. View let’s pull this go into edit if you hold down this you can add notes or delete notes . I’m gonna add now we need a space now. Let’s listen to it, that sounds like seven eight to me and it should end right here, at and our song. For our song I’m going to add just 60 bars we don’t need to worry about sections very much because it’s gonna be very complicated with 7/8 trying to squeeze it in 4/4. So to make things a little easier let’s carry this we’re three point one begins saw that when I loop it this is gonna give us that and now we’re gonna start our song.

Let’s split that and the song ends on 59 zoom in again this is our last beat alright so now let’s split this gigantic bar. We know where the sections of the song is, at 18 point for the song is going to go into that slow mode, and then around 36 point 2 we will start building up 38. It will build up even more here even more around there even more and then at 43 points to the song we’ll going to our final parts.

It’s going to be the loudest part of the song as you can see because we cut it. Now I can tell what should happen we’re hanging there all of this will make a lot of sense this preparation is going to take some time now let’s go to our master effects. Go into echo and select eighth note echo. For reverb let’s select Cathedral for metronome we can leave everything as is. Turn the volume down around 50% oh now we don’t need the real metronome let’s turn that off. Actually let’s go into this and turn off the metronome count in as well that’ll be better.

We’re ready now we should name this metronome and actually we can even change the icon to metronome. Next we’re gonna add another drum we’re gonna be adding a lot of drums in this song. Let’s go into acoustic drums and for this one let’s select live rock kids.

You can see every different drum shown here has a different cell and we need a lot of variety of sounds to create that effect. When the wonder woman theme song has so what we’re gonna play here is this and since it can be a little bit difficult. Let’s just hit record and add one note and then go back here. Let’s zoom in carry this make it as wide as our seven eight bars hit edit so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna delete that. If you slide this you can lock it we’re gonna add all right to make visually understandable. Let’s make these smaller I’m gonna add two more copy these paste they’re great now as you can hear it sounds quite bad.

I’m gonna change their velocities we’re gonna bring these up and these one I’m gonna bring them down now let’s copy this thing entire thing copy and paste it right there right if you want you can add a little more variation you can bring great now we’re gonna loop this and make sure it ends the same place now since the song is slowing down around here here until the build up I’m going to play something else there it’s going to edit we’re going to remove these  it’s gonna be softer and then we’re going to build up here and once we build up at the very last part we’re going to need some snares and it’s going to follow these wider ones so we’re gonna add two more there and then we’re gonna make them a lot softer let’s listen to it good now nothing makes sense but it will in the future now since the song is drenched in reverb let’s go here turn the reverb up a little bit let’s give it a little bit of a call and then let’s turn treble up and I give it a little bit of compressor right now our song sounds very much like computer-generated so we need to change that a little bit also we need a lot more drums what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add another drum can be so Cal drum doesn’t matter what matters is we don’t want any more quantization so I’m gonna go here to track settings and quantization I’m gonna turn that off.

So our little timing mistakes is gonna give that human feeling back to the song but we’re gonna also have a really strong foundation that keeps the rhythm going.  I’m gonna do this with two drums and I’m gonna pan one left and I’m gonna pan one right let’s go into settings give it a little bit of echo. Little bit off a little bit more reverb, so I give it a little bit treble, little bit bass echo, reverb and then I’m gonna pan this one left and let’s play. The way I’m going to play this is I’m gonna use these two fingers to do this what I’m trying to do is I’m just trying to crowd the song but I’m still trying to keep it in the tempo.

Alright here we go now for the second part we want something smoother but something that gives the sensation of oh yeah something more crazy is coming in the future. Let’s hit record that’s good enough scary this here make it as wide as our other instruments other recordings now let’s go into edit.

I’ll select this let’s delete that and add and here we need take a Tiger Tiger Tiger and we want this to build up you could take it take it again so let’s go to velocity , slowly build this up, let’s give these two a couple of variations, so let’s make this one stronger and this one it’s like this one’s stronger as well good let’s hear it remove this all right now it should sound normal perfect scoop.

For this part I’m gonna copy this I’m just gonna paste it here paste one there this part is going to be building up so let’s go into split split split allright now let’s add our third and last drum one thing I’d like to remind you is go into your settings in general and turn off gestures because when gestures are on when your fingers are all over the drum sometimes.

iPad gets confused what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna duplicate this and then I’m going to change the drum to Blue Bird and pan this to the other side and let’s record now I’m gonna do the same thing but we don’t need to play this slow part actually let’s go in there and add right here just add crash see how that sounds nice let’s copy this copy paste and paste let’s not forget to slice these and split now what I like to do is I like to go into this hit edit and add a crash to the beginning of that as well the hardest part is over the rest is ridiculously easy.

Now I’m gonna add a keyboard and I’m gonna change this to strings staccato,  and I like to add this, let’s go to the beginning hit record, that’s good enough let’s concede it edit I think the quantization is turned off. We can’t turn the quantization on let’s turn to 16 just go in there and start edit delete that that’s an accident let’s make these wide again like we did with the drums and we’re gonna add a couple more notes here must make these  small like that let’s bring down the velocity let’s hear this and let’s bring down the velocity by a lot it’s copy them and paste it here paste paste paste now let’s copy the last two nice nice and loud now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to loop this as usual.

I start slicing it up because for this softer part we may want to remove these  nice looking good looking good let’s go and look at the settings of this turn the volume down a little bit the treble let’s cut down the bass a little bit was to bassy turn down the reverb a little bit and here we want this to be an octave higher oh it’s going to be so good since we have all these part that’s begun that where we’re gonna have the song building up all cut out now I can what I can do is I can select all three and go to settings and change the velocity.

I want to do is for the very first part I want to bring it down maybe 64 65 for the second part maybe 44 and then maybe 26 and then this is gonna going to be the loudest part I think I want to crash where this part begins both of them equally now this base I think we need to add an octave to it let’s go and look yeah let’s just copy this entire thing it’s a copy move this up and then hit paste let’s hear now good I’m gonna do the same thing to these parts I guess we’re ready now what we need is a little bit of inception sound so for this.

I’m going to add another keyboard and then we’re gonna hit grand piano go to another and brass and sambal wait that’s it we’re gonna turn up the attack and let’s have release all right let’s hit record [Music] so what I want to do is I want to add the same thing for the last part [Music] now let’s concentrate on the part where the song gets a little softer.

I’m gonna go to strings and I’m gonna skip notes and I’m gonna select viola and we’re gonna play ,I’m gonna play this great that is great but can we add a little more spice into that part I think we can let’s, add strings, again but this time let’s have chords instead of notes but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into the settings and I’m gonna hit edit course and change this to B major 7 one of my favorite chords they start out first and second violins.

Now we’re gonna play  all right let’s do this again now we’re gonna add the main melody for this I’m going to go to the guitar and I’m gonna select the hard rock guitar and let’s switch to notes let’s turn the volume down a little bit so what we’re gonna play is you it is it’s very simple and I think that’s the beauty of it all right let’s go to the very beginning of this song and start start playing it.

We’re gonna play the same thing at the end as well so let’s just scroll to the end here but now what we’re gonna play here is a little longer version of the same thing something like that it’s very easy now that I feel like there was a little bit of mistake somewhere there the second one ,I’m just going to edit and let’s take a look at that good because the first part you don’t want to ruin the impact of that melody so it has to be on time.

You know normally this is not played with a guitar is played with a cello Tina Ghul played this with an electric cello and with the electric cello she is sliding into the notes and with the electric guitar that were given we cannot slide into the notes because if we try it sounds ridiculously funny but what we can do is we can blend something in there and that is our one and only ad who I’m gonna go into a true turn the scale off we’re gonna add that to the entire thing .

But we have another problem now a who by itself is not very electric so what we’re gonna do is solo airhole go to my songs hold the song down and I’m gonna export the song let’s save it into files as a song file yeah put it in music.

So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into my loops and stuff I’m gonna hit all your files and I’m gonna drag this into my project double tap that and then let’s go to producer effects and down turn up Crouch gain I don’t need much bass now I can mute this and turn the volume down on this scrunched version  and it’s done that’s it congratulations but do we really want to stop there do we do we ever stop there isn’t it time to go the extra mile yeah we need an intro to this we need an intro to the theme song and this is going to be the easiest part. 

This entire thing was really easy but this is gonna be the easy spot what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add a section. Let’s call it section B put it on top of section a hit done and then let’s make this I don’t know 20 bars it’s got section a without metronome or anything I’m just gonna play  it’s a sign of what’s coming up let’s just go to this cinematic and play this to give us a feeling that’s enough let’s go and edit that and pull it all the way to the end let’s go into the Edit good this actually make that 20 I don’t know let’s make that 30 bars because I feel like it may be too short good it’s gonna be a lot a lot more fun all right let’s go back and start recording don’t rush .

Perfect now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get rid of that those strings these strings and we’re gonna play that’s it and then of course this 30 bars was too much let’s make that 26 bars. The final step we’re gonna go ahead and take these six that we first created that in the high hand and turn velocity down let’s look at automation and automation to this let’s make this quieter around here let’s have it build up for this.

Okay now we’re ready as usual you can find a link to the GarageBand file in the description box below I also covered other songs using GarageBand and you can find links to them in the description box as well well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen hit that subscribe button and play bingo with the bell next to it and join the world domination and please let me know what you think about Wonder Woman theme song created in GarageBand in the comment section below and are there any songs you like me to cover on the iPad please let me know and until I see the next time take really good care of your selves  

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