GarageBand Tutorial Part 1 Drums, Song, and Track menus


Subtitle hi this is mike with quick tutororials today I’m going to show you how to use garage band on the iphone if you used garageband before not to long ago they updated it and added some new features in chains to couple things around or the things that they changed was the yes on selection screen view you used it for you probably remember it was kind of a side scrolling selection with the year of your most recent projects on the far left scrolling back to the old as projects but are the kind of change that now we can organize it either by the name of your songs or by date that you’ve worked on and on and the kind of makes it easier to see multiple songs at once and you are the songs as well use your scroll through so lets go ahead and start a new song to do that your going to tap on this plus icon in the top left corner here and then tap on new song and so here is where you select the instruments you have your drums guitar amp or audio recorder and sampler smart drums smart strings smart base smart keyboard smart guitars keyboards i’ll go into depth of all of these in some following tutorials but let’s go ahead and start off with the drums ok so the first thing we’re gonna do it is set the tempo to do that it had tap on this star in the top right corner here and then tap on so song and and tempo button and now run a tap on the tempo to play along with its looking around like one twenty five was good so the Set it to that you can manually set it up and down by tapping these two buttons so i will set it at one twenty five and hit done and so lets go back to that menu and I’m going to talk about some of the other options on here so this top option is whether the metronome is on or off lets go ahead and leave that on this is whether you have a count in for your recording so if it’s on right now will have with the four bar accounting for actually starts recording and then below that is the sound of the Metronome right now it is set on wood block I kind of prefer to use a hi hat so it’s set that to hi hat Lets go back to that menu this is where you set the key of the song you can set any note along with that major or minor for simplicity lets just set it to C major This is where you can set for or whether the instruments will follow the Song Key so let’s say you started off in C Major and played a piano line and then changed it to A Major It would transpose that piano line up to A major so that it would fit with all the other instruments you play there after lets go ahead and leave that on and leave that on that and tap done below that is the time signature and you can choose between four four three four or six eight lets go ahead and leave it on four four below that is the Fade out it’s what are your song will fade out at the end and airplay bluetooth that’s it you wanna send the sound from garage band to some kind of speaker or something lets leave that off and then below that you have your help section for it finding out how to do different things in garageband so it’s good and tap done and so there’s a couple different sounds you get out of these drums and some are a little more hidden than others so you have bass snare tom tom tom Ride crash hi hat you can actaully get two different hi hat sounds one from tapping on the right or an open one by tapping on the left you got the snare sounds by hitting in the center there or you can get a rim tap by tapping on the right side or a rim shot by tapping on the left you can get a standard ride sound by tapping anywhere along here or if you wanna get the bell sound by tapping on the bell if you wanted to do like a role on the drums without actually playing it you can tap down two fingers to and then the farther apart they are the faster the roll will go ok lets go ahead and let’s record a drumbeat here you may notice that it’s not really what I played What’s going on here is that quantization is set so in order to change that we are going to have to turn that off so we are going to tap this star in the top right corner and tap on tracks and go down to quantization and tap on that and and lets go ahead and turn that off on this screen you can actually set it to quantize what you played either quarter notes eight notes or sixteenth notes thirthysecond note or sixty fourth note what quantization does it lets say you play a note that was a little bit off lets say you had a snare that wasn’t quite on the two or the four if you had quarter note quantization on it would move that snare over so it was right on the two or the four you can also set it for triplet quantization or swing what i kinda played had a kinda had a little swing to it so lets see how it sounds with a light swing quantization sounds pretty cool Ok i think i might just leave that on so lets go ahead and tap done I’m going to actually show you some the other options in this menu here this top option is solo so if you had some other instruments playing you could it turned that on then you’d only hear this instrument this is your volume of it as you can it controls the volume this is you pan wether its going to the left or the right speaker this adds echo and this is your reverb slider this is if you have mulitple recordings of drums and you wanted to kind of merge them together you would turn that on this is your velocity sensitivity right now it is set on medium lets set it to high and i’ll show you what that does I’m going to stop this so I can show you if you just tap it lightlly you get a soft sound if you tap it harder you get a louder sound there this is the bass with cymbal so whenever you hit your cymbal the bass drum will also hit and below that are master effects this is where you can change what effects You’re actually using what that reverb and echo delay sliders so lets try a different one lets do rock and roll echo and hear the difference there so lets start this that sounds about good lets go ahead and stop that and if you want to get to the arrangement view you are going to tap this button next to an arrow here and this is where you can add more instruments and actually arrange your song a little bit that’s gonna be it for this tutorial on the next couple’s Tutorials I’m going to show you some the other instruments and some other stuff you can do in Garageband stay tuned

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