6 Cheap & Easy DIY Holiday Party Ideas


6 Cheap & Easy DIY Holiday Party Ideas


I could probably make 100 mugs with quotes just from Elf!  Hey guys, welcome to Millennial Moms! I’m Tay. You guys can see me here every Tuesday! This week we are focusing on holiday parties, and I love throwing holiday parties, and if you love throwing holiday parties, you’ll probably know that they are a little bit expensive. So one thing I wanted to show you guys how to do was how to create a couple things that are not expensive but still make your guests feel special. Make your party fancy. Everyone wants a fancy party sometimes. We all don’t have a fancy budget.

All right guys, so our first easy, super easy DIY, is just to make your plates fancy. Now, you can go to the Dollar Store and get a Dollar Store plate. I just took my plates and I just gave the rim a little design. Now I was a little wary of using Sharpie on glass or anything like that ’cause I was convinced the Sharpie would come off.

I really was.

It works really good on the ceramic, and it does not come off. I could rub this all day long, and it’s not gonna come off but the metallic Sharpies, they really do a good job of staying on. Get some platters that you can put your plates on top of. They have platters at the Dollar Store, but I got these at Hobby Lobby. They’re originally two dollars and they were 50% off, so you just store them for Christmas, and that’s your one-time investment. But if you guys are like my family, by the end of the night we get kind of tired, and we want to cuddle up and get in our PJs, or just kind of watch a movie.

But, the best thing to have is a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate. I just wanted to make mugs that had cute sayings on them from my favorite Christmas movies. Probably gonna be making a ton more of these so “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer “is sing loud for all to hear.” That’s one of my favorite. And then this one says, “It came without packages.” I love the whole moral of The Grinch, and just what it stands for. Another way to make your guests feel fancy and special is to make their glasses a little bit more personalized. Now I went ahead and did Mr. and Mrs. for my husband and I, my husband and me.

My husband and me.

And I’m gonna tell you right now, before you guys do this, metallic Sharpies are kind of a pain when you’re writing on clear glass. If you do the Sharpie like I did, six layers of it, and then realize it’s not really working. I just went ahead and used some metallic gold paint to go over what I had already done.

What do you guys find if you use Sharpie? What’s a good trick for you guys to get it to stick on? This, it definitely sticks on. It doesn’t come off. However, it’s just kind of finicky. And I just wanted to give you guys a little tip on making a platter like so. This platter I’ve made before for my kids’ birthdays with just different color plates. I like the gold. I got this at the Dollar Store, and then this is just a candle holder I got at the Dollar Store and spray painted it gold.

Use E6000 to glue this together. The final thing we’re gonna do is just make a little name box, and I got these boxes at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents. And then just some cute Washi tape, and these were in the sticker section, and then I just got a bunch of stickers and put everyone’s name on it. You can just pop in new ones, and then I would also recommend keeping a bunch of extra ones of these, and then a bunch of your stickers handy on the side so that if someone pops over, because I don’t ever want to say “No” to someone if they need somewhere to go for the holidays.

Mom, don’t forget about us. – Oh, yeah. And the kids need something to do so I just went over to Hobby Lobby and picked up these DIY kits, and they make it really easy because they have all the little doodads in ’em. You just throw it in a cute little organizer like this that I got at the Dollar Store, and let them have at it. All right guys. . And if you want to see more from me every Tuesday, or any of the other moms here at Millennial Moms go ahead and make sure you click subscribe. It’s that easy. So if you did not check out Jamie’s video yesterday, make sure to go back and watch her’s. She’s always offering great mom advice and tips. And then don’t forget to watch tomorrow, Jordan. She’s amazing and she’s always offering awesome ideas. I want you guys to share with me your favorite holiday party story, whether it was a silly, or weird, or funny, or whatever.

I just want to know. All right millennials… That’s it! I love you guys. Bye. (kissing).

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